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"Look Mom.... It's a hoppergrass”, ”No sweetie, it's a grasshopper!" "That's what I said moma!” It's those little things our kids say that make us smile and we file away in our memories. It's those same little things in life that one day we look back on and realize they were the big things.

To us, Hoppergrass is about Faith, Family and Fun! Faith that we are following God's path and much like a hoppergrass, always jumping forward, taking leaps of faith over obstacles without knowing exactly where we will land. Family because we are a part of something wonderful; where we will love and be loved for the rest of our life, no matter what. Fun, well we just refuse to live without it!

Come join us and share your "Hoppergrass” story.

We offer delicious homestyle cooking in a friendly restaurant atmosphere. Our restaurant can also host parties and event. We have had wedding showers,
baby showers, birthday parties, homecoming dances, and catering for several events!

Enjoy regular specials like Fish Fry Friday & Senior Discounts!

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